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Charging infrastructure: one van, two experts and an exciting assignment

Here’s how our mobile teams handle customer projects in the field of charging infrastructure across Europe

Flexible and mobile employees: For us as a quality service provider, they are essential, because many projects do not take place at a permanent location. Our specialized teams successfully implement customer orders at a high technical level throughout Germany and Europe.

Take Lucas and Ioannis, for example: they are part of our charging infrastructure team and have converted one of our company vehicles into a service vehicle with great dedication. Now they are regularly “on the road” to implement an exciting customer project in the field of charging infrastructure at many different locations in Europe.

Decentralized charging infrastructure leads to assignments in locations away from the nearest EuroQ branch

How can a smooth implementation be ensured at international locations that are sometimes more than 1,000 km from the nearest EuroQ branch? To do this, it was necessary to systematically analyze all project requirements, to proactively include every conceivable scenario and to plan the appropriate equipment with tools and materials. From this, the employees then developed a functional storage space concept for the vehicle.

Training and weather conditions

In addition, the manufacturer provided extensive training to enable all soft/hardware components to be installed on the corresponding charging infrastructure product, as well as to carry out warranty and guarantee work. Processes and criteria for special cases that preclude repairs at the installation site were defined to ensure that work could be carried out in our own halls as an alternative.

In addition to preparing for a wide range of technical challenges, it was also necessary to ensure that work could be carried out in a wide range of weather conditions and local circumstances. This is no easy task, especially when working on electrical systems.

Security and weather protection

Unexpected surprises?

We certainly don´t want to experience any. Rapidly changing international assignments in particular place special demands on the qualifications of team members and administrative preparation. Not only outside, but also within the EU, country-specific regulations for employee training, occupational safety and work processes must be taken into account. In addition, there are different standards of labor law and employment law that must be observed locally.

For us, it was and is clear: EuroQ guarantees customers and employees optimal, safe and 100% legally compliant working conditions for every assignment. Everywhere in the EU and in the UK.

With internationally recognized occupational safety qualifications such as Safetypass, a strong Europe-wide network of experts and an enthusiastic team from the operational, travel management, management and HR departments, we have worked closely with our clients to achieve this goal at every location.

A consistently growing order volume, even beyond the field of charging infrastructure, proves the ability of our team to master complex international challenges. Fast, reliable and with a consistently European mindset: Ready when you are!

Would you like to find out more about charging infrastructure projects?

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