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Order Picking/ 
Repacking / Logistics

Order Picking/ 
Repacking / Logistics

Faultless components for your assembly lines

Faultless components for your assembly lines

Order Picking and Repacking

With order picking and repacking, we support our customers in coping with the increasing complexity in global material flow chains. After all, the 100% availability of components on the line is one of the key factors for smooth production.

We ensure that components or assemblies are delivered to the assembly lines error-free, quickly and in the correct packaging carrier. As a result, you avoid costly production downtimes due to faulty or incorrectly picked components or assemblies.

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Benefit from synergies

Order control and rework together with logistics services

If you need a quality inspection or even professional rework of the components as part of your repacking or order picking project, we will support you very flexibly. As a quality service provider we have many years of expertise in inspection and rework. The simultaneous repacking, inspection and rework is also much more efficient than splitting the tasks. Furthermore, by checking the components or assemblies for damage or defects, faults can be identified and rectified before they enter assembly.

Should you wish to outsource your project, our professionally equipped testing and logistics centres are available to you at many locations in Germany and the USA.

Intensive planning of each individual project

In order to meet your specifications, our well-trained logistics and quality control specialists plan and organize each individual project very carefully. Every step of the specified process must run smoothly and within the planned time frame. To support this, we use state-of-the-art technology and digital documentation. We will be happy to present more details to you in a personal meeting.

Working in the automotive industry: Quality matters more than ever
Preparation of Components for Assembly

Order Picking

By order picking components and assemblies, the production process runs smoothly even with a high number of assembly variations. We check the components in advance for quality and completeness and assemble them in the correct quantity and quality.

We identify potential problems in advance so that delays or bottlenecks can be avoided.

Picking of components or groups of components – individual services
  • Assembly and sequencing of components or component groups
  • Parts provisioning, order picking and production supply
  • Providing the order picking cart at the transfer area
  • Continuous traceability and complete documentation
In the correct carrier to the line


Repacking and packing of components or groups of components – individual services

Within the scope of our repacking service, we handle the following individual services for you, which can of course be supplemented if required.

  • Acceptance of the components to be repacked at the transfer area or at our hall

  • Checking the components for defects or damage
  • Upon request additional activities such as cleaning, derusting or similar
  • Sorting the components as per specified criteria
  • Packing the components in the prescribed carriers or in suitable transport packaging
  • Labeling and relabeling of individual components and packaging units
  • Transport to the defined transfer area
  • Transport handling between your location and ours
  • Comprehensive documentation
Outsourcing order picking and repacking

Your benefits from outsourcing to external partners like EuroQ

There are many reasons to outsource projects such as repacking or order picking to us, or even outsource them to our control and logistics spaces:

Cost savings

Our teams are trained to carry out these logistical projects very efficiently. With simultaneous quality control and reworking of the components, you also save valuable time and costs with synergies in the processes.

Free capacities

Your employees will not be blocked by the organization and project management, nor by the processing of these projects.


Repacking and order picking help to ensure that the flow of your production runs smoothly. Only OK parts are delivered in the correct packaging and sequence.

Space savings

Outsourcing the repacking process to our halls does not block any space capacities in your plant. Components or assemblies that are packed in the correct containers or load carriers may also save space on your production lines.


Fast, agile reaction and the adaptation of processes is one of our core competencies, which we demonstrate every day for our customers, and we would be happy to do the same for you.
Our order picking and repacking services are logistical services that we are happy to offer you individually, also in connection with control and rework. As an experienced service provider, we understand the high demands and processes in the automotive industry. Contact us today or send us your request for quotation. We look forward to receiving your inquiry.
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