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Retrofit / Action Management Teams

Important Information for Motor Vehicle Specialists

New vehicles, modern drive technologies & varied tasks

All this is waitng for you!

We work exclusively on brand new vehicles that are just coming onto the market. In the meantime, this includes many e-cars and hybrids, and it is these new technologies that we find particularly exciting. At EuroQ you have a certain “information advantage” over your colleagues in the workshop.

What do the retrofit / action management teams do?

We support our customers with launches of new vehicle models. Such a launch is time-consuming and the planned delivery dates of the vehicles have to be met. Many vehicles need to be retrofitted/upgraded after production. This can be a final update of infotainment systems or control units. Sometimes complete components or parts have to be replaced.

This is where our retrofit/action management teams come into play. We are prepared for exactly these situations and have trained our employees to deal with them. Every project is different. Since our processes are optimised and in place, our teams react very quickly and flexibly and are unbeatable, especially in these situations.

By the way: All retrofit/ action management team job advertisements are marked RETROFIT.

Why EuroQ?

EuroQ has been one of the leading service companies for quality assurance in the automotive industry for several years. We use innovative methods to ensure the delivery capability and product quality of our customers. As a partner, crisis helper and consultant, we are exactly where it counts: right in the middle! Would you like to know more about working at EuroQ? We still have a lot of current information available under Career.

Working in the automotive industry: Quality counts more than ever before

That is what you should contribute

Automotive know-how. You are a motor vehicle mechanic, motor vehicle mechatronics technician, car body builder or commercial vehicle mechanic or have completed similar vocational training.
To ensure that you are ready for work as quickly as possible, we will train you in:
  • HV 1-2, so that you can work on e-vehicles and hybrids
  • Tools from the individual manufacturers (ODIS, Xentry etc.) for flash actions
  • EuroQ tools you need for digital and efficient documentation (EuroQ Touch, EuroQ Scanner etc.)
  • EuroQ processes for actions

It all depends on us.

Admittedly, not always. But our action management teams are there to support our customers in these stressful situations. Because delays in the delivery of new cars are never good for the manufacturer’s image. With us, you’re always close at hand, working as part of a team to ensure the quality of the new vehicles, usually still in the factories or on the factory premises of our customers.

We are a team, everywhere.

The locations vary, depending on the assignment. Mostly, our retrofit teams work at the car manufacturers’ sites, at the ports or sometimes at our own testing and logistics centres. Currently, our teams are very active in Emden, Hanover, Zwickau and Kippenheim. However, this can change quickly depending on where new challenges arise.

If you enjoy working in different locations, you’ll fit in perfectly with EuroQ and we’ll be happy to deploy you flexibly. Even assignments in the USA are possible.
Especially exciting: You will work
  • exclusively on new vehicles
  • on different vehicle models
  • in larger or smaller teams
Please also apply if you would prefer to work at a fixed location for personal reasons. This is also possible with us.
Ihr Qualitätsdienstleister der Automobilindustrie
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