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Cleanroom Tests

Inspection of Sensitive Components

Cleanroom Tests of displays, circuit boards, and ESD-sensitive components

Cleanroom tests at our EuroQ Aschaffenburg location: In our cleanroom of class ISO 7 / GMP C we inspect the technical cleanliness of various automotive parts and components, such as displays, instrument panels, or circuit boards from the sensitive electronics sector. 

Compliance with cleanliness requirements for sensitive parts affects not only production and assembly, but also quality control. It is important that the air is as free of particles as possible and that the environment is controlled.

If desired, we also use mouth protection (spit shield) and protective goggles during the cleanroom test.

Cleanroom tests for samples and 100% tests

We plan the entire inspection process pursuant to the specifications of the parts suppliers and our customers. We offer sample testing and 100%-testing. After testing, the customer will only receive OK parts. 

Key data

+ Located in Aschaffenburg
+ Compliant with ISO 7 / GMP C as per EN ISO 14644-ff
+ ESD equipment
+ State-of-the-art ventilation and air-conditioning technology with sluice system
+ Multiple workstations
+ 3-shift operation possible


Our workstations are also protected against ESD

ESD stands for “electrostatic discharge.” This can cause an electric overcharge in electronic components and damage them. In order to also test circuit boards and other electronic components in our cleanroom, all of our workstations (and of course our staff) are provided with appropriate ESD protection. 

Inadequate part cleanliness increases costs in the automotive industry

The cleanliness or parts has become a driving factor of costs in the automotive industry. Impurities can lead to impairments, lower quality, and high additional costs. Early inspections for components that were produced and welded under cleanroom conditions can thus help to safeguard your value chain. 

We test and sort the components in the cleanroom according to predefined defect patterns. If possible, defective parts are immediately and effectively cleaned and reworked, or otherwise they are sorted out as NOK parts. 

Our qualified employees have undergone intensive inspection training and can detect the slightest defects.

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