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Material testing

Non-destructive, safe and efficient

Detection of possible material flaws

A variety of test methods

Material Testing by EuroQ: In our material test center in Nufringen near Sindelfingen (Germany) and also at our customers’ premises, our certified surface finishing specialists test different new metal components, mostly safety components, to find cracks or other faults. Cracks are the most dangerous types of defects in safety components for vehicles, which are therefore also subjected to a 100% control in quality assurance. We use different test methods for material testing in our surface finishing centre.

  • For all material tests, we prepare precise test instructions with limit sample catalogues that are binding for all testers.

  • Certification of employees according to DIN EN ISO 9712:2012

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Ihr Qualitätsdienstleister der Automobilindustrie

Fluorescent testing in the dark

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

Magnetic particle testing, magnetic particle crack testing, surface crack testing or fluxing are terms for the detection of cracks in ferromagnetic materials (cast iron, steel, cobalt, nickel) in or close to the surface.
During the production of components, cracks can occur on the surface, then migrate inwards and can lead to a breakage of the component when it is put under stress.

Magnetic particle testing is a very sensitive and recognised method to make these cracks visible. The components are magnetised, resulting in field lines. Cracks that run across these field lines create a magnetic scattering field and therefore become visible during the testing.

At < 20 lux of ambient brightness in our stationary systems, we only use test media with fluorescent magnetic particles. These are connected in the fluid with colour pigments, which light up yellow, green or red when exposed to light (wavelength range of between approx. 300 and 500 nm). The result is a strong contrast through which the crack can be clearly seen.

Individually or in combination

Various Magnetic Particle Crack Detection Methods

Field flow detection:

The component being tested is magnetised without current flowing in it. The magnetic field is generated by one or more current-carrying coils.

Current flow detection

A current is passed through the component being tested, which then generates a ring-shaped magnetic field.

We apply both magnetic crack detection methods individually or in combination. If cracks are to be found in all directions, the combined method is faster and more effective in the test run as no switching from field to current is necessary.

Working in the automotive industry: Quality matters more than ever

Visual Testing

Direct Visual Testing (VT)

With direct visual testing as a part of material testing, faults can be detected with the naked eye using the appropriate incidence of light or with tools such as magnifiers, endoscopes or mirrors. Visual testing is only carried out by our VT-certified and experienced employees. In this way, we find material defects, processing inaccuracies, incorrect dimensions or defects in the surface quality and condition of the components.

  • Impact marks

  • Wavy weld seams

  • Holes

  • Overlaps, etc.

The reworking of these fault patterns is also part of our range of services, for example with filing or deburring tools.

Great experience

More than 8 million components already fluxed

You want to have components tested with magnetic particle testing? Then we are the right company to help you:

  • Since 2015

  • Over 8 million components fluxed

  • 2-contact magnetic particle testing systems

  • Annual inspection of the equipment by the manufacturer

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Our 24/7 hotline +49 4921-91668-0 is available 24 hours a day for all national and international enquiries. Or send us an email to
Landkarte mit Standort EuroQ Nufringen

Branch Nufringen, near Stuttgart (Germany)

Our MT testing site is located in 71154 Nufringen, Germany, in the immediate vicinity of Sindelfingen and Stuttgart.

In our own hall, we process all orders precisely and efficiently on modern 2-contact MT systems.

We kindly invite you to visit our site in Nufringen and experience our processes at first hand.

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