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Flash Actions

for Control Units (ECU) and Infotainment Systems 

Update Vehicle Software with Qualified Flash Actions 

We have been carrying out Flash Campaigns for our customers for several years. Usually these are carried out by retrofit and action management in order to deliver the vehicles with the latest software version. 

EuroQ flashes 

  • finished vehicles after production

  • pre-series vehicles 

  • bench flash control units/infotainment systems 

In 2020, we carried out more than 45,000 flash processes with over 20,000 vehicle commissioning operations, of which 40% were in finished vehicles.

Your Quality Service Provider for the Automotive Industry

Software is booming in cars 

The complexity of vehicle electronics is increasing 

The number of electronic control units in automobiles (automotive ECU, Electronic Control Units) has risen significantly in recent years, not least due to developments in electromobility and connectivity in autonomous driving. 

Premium models currently rolling off the assembly line already contain up to 100 ECUs, which are subject to constant software updates. In some cases, the updates improve performance, but often they are security relevant and close existing gaps, similar to updates to operating systems of PCs or smartphones. Modern infotainment systems are also regularly provided with updates to ensure comfort and individual use in the best possible way. 

The consequence:

It is not just the demands for the corresponding security solutions that are on the rise. At the same time, more flash programming is needed to keep the software up-to-date 

Service Provider for Flash Actions

Important Selection Criteria

  • Reliable partner 

  • Licences and equipment 

  • Specialists with flashing experience 

  • Flexibility 

  • Documentation 


Procedure of a Flash Process 

Control units have an electronically programmable flash memory that receives an update via a flash process. Each OEM has its own hardware and software components for this purpose with appropriate encryption to ensure the security of the transmission. The hardware is connected to the vehicle via a cable, the program is started and the current software version is loaded. The software update of control units includes the diagnostics, the process itself and the subsequent documentation. 

Licenses and Equipment 

EuroQ is a tested and approved service provider for software updates at VW (ODIS) and Daimler (Xentry) and has the corresponding licenses and equipment. Numerous employees are appropriately qualified and authorized, so that we are able to implement far reaching flash actions at different locations. 

Any questions left? 
We will be happy to answer them personally! 

Please understand that we cannot present individual projects here. Just ask and we can show you more details in a personal presentation.  

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