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Jobs in the USA for car mechanics and technicians

Your US work journey begins here!

EuroQ Perspective USA

Jobs in the USA: Fulfill your dream of working internationally in an automotive job!

Are you driven by the desire to travel? But you also like to earn money in your car job at the same time?

Then we’re the right company for you!

With our jobs in the USA we can give you, as a qualified automotive specialist, the opportunity to gain valuable professional and private experience in the USA over several months or years. Join our mobile EuroQ Travel team (3-6 months) or become part of our permanent team in the USA (12+ months) and discover the world of German vehicles in America with us.

Now is the best time to experience the stories you will tell in the future!

Ihr Qualitätsdienstleister der Automobilindustrie

Here’s what awaits you at EuroQ in the USA – your daily business:

Every job is slightly different, but the core tasks are as follows:

+ You will work in a team on retrofit and repair projects on new vehicles from major German car manufacturers (BMW, Daimler, VW, Porsche) at various locations

+ You will work on and with all conceivable components, from the chassis to the bodywork, engine, electrics, interior and exterior

+ Defective components must be identified and replaced or reworked by you

+ After retrofitting, you will flash control units and software

Nacharbeiten für Neuanläufe

USA Jobs quick check: Are you suitable for this job?

  • Completed automotive apprenticeship
  • At least 2 years experience
  • Not afraid of English
  • Open-minded and team-oriented
  • Flexible and able to work under pressure
We take care for your
visa, flight, hotel and general organization

EuroQ Jobs in the USA: Assignment duration at a glance

Duration: 3-6 months

Short term assignments: USA for a few months

zeigt einen EuroQ Mechatroniker vor blauem Hintergrund

Would you like to spend a maximum of six months in the USA? Then working in our international travel team is just the thing for you, as you will get to know various work locations in the USA, most of which are on the coasts. Your work assignments will vary depending on the location and you’ll get around a lot in a very short time.

Important: You will start at one of our locations in Germany and will be trained there for 3-6 months. After that, you can get started immediately in the USA.

You will receive a permanent German employment contract and attractive benefits for your time in the USA.

At the end of your assignment, you can switch to the long-term American working model or return to EuroQ in Germany.

Duration: 12-24 months

Long-term assignments: USA for a year or longer

zeigt Supervisor der EuroQ Inc vor blauem Hintergrund

If you would like to stay longer in the USA, you have the possibility to work in a permanent EuroQ team. This is currently mainly possible at the locations Tuscaloosa (Alabama), Greer (South Carolina) or Charleston (South Carolina). There, our teams are deployed directly in the plants of the German OEMs.

Important: After a training period of approx. 2 months in the USA (with a German employment contract), your employment relationship will start under American law. Then you can look for a permanent place to live and get to know the realities of living and working in the USA. You will receive details on organization and relocation from us personally.

At the end of your assignment, you can extend your stay in the USA or move to Germany.

Locations you can already dream of, e.g.

Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Maryland, California, Florida

I will be happy to answer your questions

If this sounds interesting to you, then let’s talk as soon as possible so that your dream job in the States can start soon.

I look forward to hearing from you, and we will of course provide you with lots more information.

Outside of normal business hours, please send me an email or a WhatsApp with information when I can best reach you.

FAQ about USA jobs for automotive specialists:

You can find a few things you might be interested in to get started as an automotive specialist for EuroQ in the USA. Frequently asked questions, answered briefly and concisely.

How can I find good jobs as an automotive specialist in the USA?

As a service company specializing in conversion and repair projects on new vehicles from German manufacturers, we offer qualified automotive mechanics exciting job opportunities in the USA. You can find our vacancies directly on our website as well as on leading job portals such as Indeed.

Which visa do I need as an automotive specialist for the USA?

Automotive specialists generally require a specific work visa to work in the USA. Our company will support you in applying for the company-specific visa required for your specific job with us and will take care of the entire process to give you a worry-free start in the USA.

What is the salary for car mechanics in the USA?

Salaries for automotive specialists in the US vary depending on experience, qualifications and location. We offer competitive salaries that recognize your skills and experience, as well as attractive benefits that go above and beyond.

What qualifications are required for automotive jobs in the USA?

For a successful application, you will need to have completed training as a car mechanic or a comparable qualification, practical experience, particularly with German car brands, and ideally a good command of English. Additional certifications, for example in the high-voltage sector, a master craftsman or technician qualification or other specializations are an advantage.

How is the working environment for automotive specialists in the USA?

Our professionals enjoy a dynamic and supportive work environment that provides excellent opportunities for personal and professional growth. With locations at strategic points along the East and West coasts and at major import ports, we offer a unique working environment.

Can I develop my career as a car mechanic in the USA?

Yes, definitely. Some colleagues have done this before you and are now managers. For example, if you start in our travel team and decide to stay longer, you can join a permanent team at EuroQ, Inc.

Which cities in the USA have the greatest demand for automotive mechanics?

On the one hand, our demand is concentrated on cities on the east and west coasts where German OEMs have their plants. On the other hand, on cities at important ports that have a direct connection to the import and export routes of German vehicles.

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