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Car mechanic occupations

Are there different car mechanic occupations after the apprenticeship? Perhaps you have just completed your training or have been doing so for some time and would now like to get to know something new? Then learn here about the most interesting possibilities that exist for you in addition to the garage.

In this section, we present the three most important fields of work for car mechanics:

  • In quality control
  • In vehicle production
  • In the garage

No matter which field you work in, your job requires teamwork, as most tasks cannot be performed in a stand-alone manner. Most car mechanics are found in the garages, and some work in vehicle production. Very few people know that you can also work in quality control, although it’s exciting here!

By the way, this article is relevant for all automotive specialists: car mechanics, car electricians, commercial vehicle mechanics, two-wheeler mechanics, etc.

Field of activity 1: Tasks of the car mechanic in quality control

You can work in quality control at various service companies such as EuroQ. Most car mechanics are not familiar with this field of work, so we will go into more detail here.

Quality service providers support automotive manufacturers in various areas, for example, with the inspection of components, the introduction of processes, or even with reworking of finished vehicles. For this last area, automotive training is mandatory, and when it comes to e-vehicles, high-voltage (HV) certificates are also a requirement.

Work on new vehicles

EuroQ car mechanics work almost exclusively on new vehicles that have just been produced, a dream of many car mechanics that you can fulfill with us.

Depending on how good and flexible you are and where we can assign you, you will work on different new vehicle models and (German) brands. Your tasks will include finding and correcting faults that have been made during the production of vehicles. Of course, we also work in powerful teams – at EuroQ we call them action teams – which are controlled by one or more foremen or project managers.

Exciting rework for production launches

Before a new vehicle is allowed to leave the vehicle manufacturer’s premises, it undergoes a complete check and sometimes even rework. Some vehicles only need a current software update, while others may have minor errors, for example the ambient lighting may not work correctly. Our job is to locate and fix these errors. We are increasingly involved in launches, i.e., in the first weeks and months when a new model is produced. Over time, when production is running smoothly, we become redundant and move on to another launch. It’s an exciting job, as we get to learn about many new vehicle models.

Working with the latest vehicle technologies

As a car mechanic in the garage, you mostly work on older vehicles and often must deal with dirt and rust. Working on new vehicles is completely different, it’s very clean and depending on the model and the task, it’s exciting. You learn a lot, see how the latest technologies are installed and know the vehicles long before your former co-workers in the garage.

These tasks are waiting for you at EuroQ

The job as a car mechanic in our action teams is multifaceted and interesting and you can improve yourself tremendously. In addition to mechanical tasks, we also solve electronic faults including diagnostics. Of course, we must work quickly, as customers want to receive their vehicles as soon as possible. The work also requires a high level of concentration and endurance.

If you enjoy cars and technology, and you like variety in your work, then the assignment at EuroQ is just right for you!

Field of activity 2: Car mechanic activities in vehicle production

More and more vehicles are being equipped with the latest technology. This also means that more and more car mechanics are working on the production line. Your tasks include assembling the cars on the assembly line. You work in a team and take on a small part in the assembly process. You repeat this one task at your station for all the vehicles that run down the line. Usually, the stations are rotated after a few weeks, so that you can get to know many different stations. Since the line is always moving, you have to keep up so the line doesn’t have to stop. In fact, line stoppages are expensive. All cars produced on the line should meet the same high-quality standards.

Field of activity 3: Car mechanic activities in the garage

You are probably familiar with this area of work. As a car mechanic, your main tasks in the garage are as follows: You perform maintenance and inspection work on vehicles, repair minor mechanical damage and change tires if necessary. You will also be responsible for diagnosing faults and looking for their causes. Another important aspect of your job is to find and fix faults in electronic systems. You should also be good and, above all, enjoy dealing with customers, because you often explain to them what is/was to be repaired on their vehicles.

Have we piqued your interest for a job in quality control?

Contact us or apply directly if you are curious about quality control and our action teams. If you want to learn more, you can read our article “Car mechanic at EuroQ” and find out more about

  • the daily work
  • the organization of the action teams
  • videos of your future co-workers about their work
  • and what else you can expect from us.
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