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EuroQ on World Quality Day

The development of quality assurance in the automotive industry

On the occasion of World Quality Day on November 9th, 2023, we, EuroQ, are faced with the exciting question: Is there still room for quality inspectors in the automotive industry in an age of advancing automation?

Christof Zuber, our Managing Director, takes this special day as an opportunity to shed light on the changes in quality assurance (QA) that have resulted from recent technological developments. Automation may be advancing, but the role of QA remains irreplaceable – it is merely changing and evolving:


Long-time quality managers will no doubt remember the detailed Excel spreadsheets for documentation from the 90s and 2000s. When EuroQ was founded in 2008, we set an important benchmark in this area with our VPS database: our customers were integrated directly into the documentation processes right from the start and can view and download test results digitally.

The next step was automatic data capture using a scanner, followed by our EuroQ Touch. This enabled our employees to visually mark defect points on components on a tablet and send the data directly to the customer’s production line. Today, with our new app, we are going even further in terms of digital real-time communication and reporting.

Reworking finished vehicles

Nowadays, flashing software and updating control units are an integral part of any rework. Whereas in the past only mechanical components were reworked, today it is increasingly electronic troubleshooting and subsequent software updates.


The demand for services in the high-voltage sector has also risen sharply in recent years. We began training our employees accordingly at an early stage in order to provide our customers with comprehensive support at various locations. Our support for e-mobility includes components, vehicles and even charging stations.


Partially and fully automated testing procedures in QA continue to increase. We are already supporting customers with camera-based quality controls in production facilities. It is quite possible that our inspection teams will consist of humans and robots in the future. We are looking forward to the development of these promising approaches.

Our conclusion on World Quality Day

Quality assurance is and will remain an indispensable part of automotive production. On World Quality Day in particular, we would like to emphasize that the role of QA is not being replaced by machines, but rather supplemented and expanded by them. It is the combination of human expertise and technological progress that shapes and drives our industry forward. At EuroQ, we know how to grow with the industry, offer new services, provide digital support and cultivate a strong quality awareness. Because quality is not just a promise, it is the foundation of our actions and our values.

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