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24 h Hotline +49 4921 91668-0

Branch Bremen

Le-Havre-Straße 1
28309 Bremen (Germany)
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Manager: Martin Bremer
+49 151 19514 264
Worksites: Bremen, Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Osnabrück

EuroQ branch Bremen: New service area in the Hansalinie industrial park

Since January 2023, the EuroQ Bremen branch has been located in new premises in the Hansalinie industrial park, which is home to a number of logistics warehouses and many suppliers to the automotive industry in Bremen. The Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen is also in the immediate vicinity. This is where, among other models, the EQC model is built.

Due to this perfect location in the middle of Bremen Hemelingen we are very close to our customers with our services and can act even faster in case of short-term needs: We can reach the Daimler plant in Bremen in just 8 minutes, and the suppliers and logistics service providers within 5 minutes.

The EuroQ branch in Bremen has been in operation since 2008, and the team led by operations manager Martin Bremer has inspected nearly 70 million components there over the past 15 years and, depending on the order, has also reworked many components. In addition to testing and reworking, the branch performs almost all EuroQ services (see portfolio below).

With its high-voltage specialists, the EuroQ Group is also well equipped for the requirements of electromobility at all locations.

Microscopic component testing with team video option

At our EuroQ branch Bremen we offer microscopic component inspections with our special equipment:

  • Stereo microscopes with 90x magnification including digital evaluation
  • Digital microscopes, high resolution
  • Inspections with microscopes and camera
  • Live defect evaluation via teams: customers can see the magnification live and evaluate borderline cases directly
  • Highly trained specialists
  • Packaging of OK components after inspection

If you are interested in our microscopy services, please contact the on-site operations manager, Mr. Martin Bremer. Or find out more in our blog post on the subject of visual inspections with stereo microscopes.

Mikroskop tests at EuroQ branch in Bremen
EuroQ microscope inspection with digital microscopes

Equipment EuroQ Bremen

  • Modern hall with offices and social rooms
  • Standardized test stations according to VDA (expandable)
  • Forklift, ant, pallet truck
  • Own vehicle with loading board
  • ESD test stations according to DIN EN 61340-5-1
  • High-quality equipment with daylight, heatable, high-voltage connections
  • Stereo microscopes (90x) and digital microscopes
  • Well-coordinated and experienced EuroQ team on site
EuroQ Prüfplätze nach VDA
View onto some workstations at EuroQ in Bremen

Extract from the portfolio of EuroQ Bremen

Quality Support

  • Quality Control / Visual Control / Sorting / Rework
  • Incoming / Outgoing goods inspection / Warenfilter
  • Material testing
  • Surface treatment
  • Retrofit/Action Management
  • Electromobility / High Voltage (HV 1-3)
  • Flash actions: XENTRY authorization (Daimler)

Quality Engineering

  • Supplier Representative
  • Resident
  • Quality Engineer

Value-added logistics services

  • Packaging and repackaging of components or component groups
  • Labelling and relabelling of individual components and packaging units
  • Transport handling of regional delivery traffic between our branch and your site

What can we do for you?

Our experienced team in the EuroQ Bremen office works very flexibly in our own hall or at the customer’s site. We will find the right solution for your challenge.

If you would like to visit our new branch or place an inquiry, please contact us via our hotline or the contact form, or call our local representative directly:

Site Manager EuroQ Bremen (Germany)

Mr. Martin Bremer
+49 151 19514 264

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