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Branch Wolfsburg

An der Klanze 13
38554 Wolfsburg (Germany)
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Manager: Olivier Rehfeld
+49 151 19514 298
Worksites: Wolfsburg, Braunschweig, Salzgitter, Berlin

Quality service provider Wolfsburg close to the Volkswagen plant

EuroQ is one of the most important automotive quality service providers in Wolfsburg for sorting and reworking and has already supported a large number of suppliers inside and outside the Volkswagen plant as a sorting company and with other EuroQ services.

EuroQ Wolfsburg has been represented with a local location since April 2018. Since then, we have continuously expanded our business with Volkswagen and its suppliers. In February 2023, we moved our location to Weyhausen into modern and well-equipped offices, even closer to the Volkswagen plant. From here, we can reach the Wolfsburg plant in just a few minutes, and the Braunschweig and Salzgitter plants in around 20-30 minutes.

Short-term demand? We are fast at the plant.

When the need for a quality service provider in Wolfsburg arises, we can react at lightning speed and deploy our skilled workers directly, because we have

  • the approval for assignment by suppliers (external list)
  • the approval for VW direct assignments (internal list)
  • entry permits for cars for all foremen/project coordinators in the Volkswagen plant

Numerous active supplier representatives and residents

Our excellent network to the component managers (BTV) at the plant in Wolfsburg enables our Quality Engineering specialists to to ensure close and good cooperation. This benefits international suppliers in particular, whom we support on site in Wolfsburg with supplier representatives and residents. They help with communication, claim management and ramp-up, analyze processes and also handle 8-D reporting.

EuroQ Employee working on a window shield
EuroQ employee priming car windows

Specialist for rework on windshields

In our branch Wolfsburg, we have already inspected and reworked numerous components: Instrument clusters, door handles, trim panels, cable harnesses, sheet metal parts, etc.

In the area of windshields, EuroQ Wolfsburg is the specialist and takes over a large part of the rework (priming). Our team carries out this rework with sensitivity, because the handling of the windows requires the utmost care and experience.

ODIS Flashing

In the meantime, the flashing of vehicle software is also a frequently required service. Thanks to our ODIS approval and our own hardware, EuroQ Wolfsburg can guarantee software updates on finished vehicles and ECUs that have not yet been installed.

Visual inspection of windows at EuroQ in Wolfsburg

Excerpt from the EuroQ Wolfsburg branch portfolio

Quality Support

  • Quality Control / Visual Control / Sorting
  • Quality Rework / Assembly Work
  • Product Filter (Warenfilter) / Incoming and Outgoing Goods Inspections
  • Flash Actions: ODIS Approval

Value-added logistics services

  • Packing and repacking of components or component groups
  • Labeling and relabeling of individual components and packaging units

Quality Engineering

  • Supplier Representative
  • Resident
  • Quality Engineer

What can we do as quality service provider in Wolfsburg for you?

At the Wolfsburg branch, a well-coordinated and experienced team of highly qualified employees is at your disposal for all quality services of EuroQ. Meanwhile, we are successfully transferring our know-how from the automotive industry to other sectors. Please feel free to contact us, we will also find a suitable solution for your quality tasks.

If you would like to place an inquiry, please contact us via our hotline or the contact form or get in touch with our local manager directly:

Operations Manager of the EuroQ Hannover branch
Mr. Olivier Rehfeld
+49 151 19514 298

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