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Car mechanic and rework technician at EuroQ

Car mechanic and rework technician – watch out! We would like to offer you mega interesting jobs at EuroQ, with tasks that you certainly haven’t seen before.

You are a car mechanic or a rework technician and looking for a new interesting job? Are you tired of working in the workshop or on the assembly line and would like to join an innovative and dynamic work environment? Then find out here what awaits you in our action management teams / retrofit teams in quality assurance.

Interesting work on brand new vehicles is waiting for you!

Our automotive specialists work (almost) exclusively on brand new vehicles from the major German vehicle manufacturers. In the context of retrofit, we carry out rework directly after production. You can get to know many new vehicle models with us, e-vehicles, hybrids but also new vehicles with combustion engines. Every project is different and that’s what makes it so exciting!

Read on if you want to know more about working in our action management / retrofit teams in Germany.

In our action management teams, we offer jobs for a wide variety of automotive professionals:

  • Automotive technicians
  • Car mechanics
  • Commercial vehicle mechanic
  • Two-wheeler mechanic
  • Car body builder

We give a chance to all, young and life-experienced interested and of course gender-independent.

Car mechanic / rework technician in our action management team – what exactly can you expect from us?

The job revolves around rework of all kinds, both mechanical and electronic. Unfortunately, new vehicles don’t always come off the production line ready for delivery, especially when they are just launched. The job revolves around rework of all kinds, both mechanical and electronic.

Reasons for our assignment are, for example:


If a fault is detected on several vehicles at the same time, the OEM starts a rework project with us. We analyze the defect, and together with the technical department, we create an optimal rework strategy. Our action management team then works on all vehicles where this defect has occurred. Some projects take only a few days, some take several weeks or months.

Missing components

Sometimes it is not a fault at all, but the retrofitting of missing components (e.g. control units) that were not available when the vehicles were produced, and are then retrofitted as soon as they become available again.

Individualization of vehicles

Time and again, we also work on export or import vehicles that need to be adapted for the respective destination market. In some cases we also install individual additional equipment if this could not be installed directly during production.

The organization of our action management teams

Our action management teams work all over Germany, sometimes also in other European countries. In Germany we have numerous EuroQ branches, so we can assign you to a suitable location that is close to you.

EuroQ work locations for car mechanics / rework technicians

Our locations are located close to the OEM plants, because then the travel times are the shortest. We usually work on the manufacturer’s premises, sometimes at other locations nearby. EuroQ locations in Germany can be found for example in Emden, Hannover, Bremen, Zwickau, Sindelfingen, Kippenheim, just to name a few. On our location page you will find an overview of our EuroQ locations at home and abroad and under the tab News even more information about the individual locations.

You should be flexible if you want to work for us, because you will have assignments at different locations. There you will be together with your team, of course we will take care of an adequate accommodation in good hotels.

You will not always be part of the same team, it can also vary, because maybe exactly your qualification is urgently needed for another project.

Services for car mechanics and rework specialists

Only automotive specialists are employed in our action management teams. You can find out exactly what benefits we offer you in the individual job postings.

Further training opportunities for our car mechanic and rework specialists

We work on electric vehicles a lot and reworking almost always involves updating the software.

If you do not have these certificates yet, we will make you fit:

  • Softwareflashing with ODIS (Volkswagen) and XENTRY (Daimler)
  • High voltage certificates (HV 1-3, depending on requirements)

Since our action management teams are growing fast internationally, you have a job as a auto specialist with perspective! Internally at EuroQ there are good development opportunities, e.g. to become a

  • Foreman or project manager
  • Supplier supervisor or resident

Even assignments at our subsidiary company EuroQ, Inc. in the USA are possible.
The best prospects, right?

You should bring these qualities with you:

  1. Flexibility

You will be working on projects that have to be completed as quickly as possible due to existing vehicle delivery deadlines. Shift work is therefore possible, as well as occasional weekend work, of course with the appropriate bonuses.

  1. Willingness to travel

That’s what makes this job so special! Not only do you work on a wide variety of car models and components, but you also get to see other cities, meet new people, and stay in a wide variety of comfortable hotels.

  1. Ability to work in a team

You can only do this job well as part of a team. If you are a good team player, you will be an excellent fit for us.

  1. Completed motor vehicle training

It goes without saying that we can only hire car mechanics and other automotive specialists for this qualified area. A completed automotive training is sufficient, because you already have the necessary automotive know-how. We will teach you everything else. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to train apprentices, so please refrain from applying for a motor vehicle apprenticeship.

Are you looking for a car mechanic oder rework specialist job near your home?

The EuroQ branches are spread all over Germany, mostly they are located near the production sites of the car manufacturers. In addition, we have a lot of operating locations. Since these locations often vary, we are unfortunately not always able to list them on the website on a daily basis.

Here you can get a first overview of our locations and see if they are close to your home:
(Germany and US)

Also, you can find detailed information about the branches and the assigned locations here. At almost all of our locations, we have car mechanics, rework technicians and other automotive specialists who either work on site or are on assignment at other locations in Germany.

EuroQ Emden

EuroQ Aschaffenburg/Großwallstadt

EuroQ Bremen

EuroQ Eisenach

EuroQ Hannover

EuroQ Cologne

EuroQ Munich

EuroQ Rastatt

EuroQ Sindelfingen / Nufringen

EuroQ Wolfsburg

EuroQ Zwickau

Further information about the car mechanics jobs at EuroQ

On our website you will find a lot more information, e.g., about the topic of action management.

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